Chelated microfertilizers

Relieving old and ineffective technologies in agriculture sector new perfect methods are being implemented. The most progressive method to this date – is introduction of chelated microfertilizers..

Microfertilizers Nanomix

Adequate supply of microelements on all stages of plant’s growth – is the key to increasing quality and quantity of harvest. Only balanced complex of nourishments (which has not only standard nitrates and phosphates, but also microelements) lets you maximize your productivity in agriculture sector. Chelated complexes – microfertilizers, which have chelated microfertilizers of “Nanomix” company, consist of organometallic compounds, where ions of microelements and securely held by chelated residuum up until it is being absorbed by the plant.

Effectiveness of chelated microfertilizers by Nanomix

Chelated microfertilizers by Nanomix are not universal – each crop, climate conditions, properties of chelated compound, which needs precise range of pH are individual. Due to this our chelated microfertilizers are around 5 times more effective than standard phosphates, sulfates, and nitrates. Find out the price, and buy Nanomix fertilizers you can on our site. You can also contact our manager and get full information on the questions you might have.