Succinic acid

26 мая 2011

Succinic acid (succinate) – is a universal intermediate metabolite, which is being synthesized during reactions between carbohydrates, proteins and fat in plant and animal cells. Transformation of succinic acid in an organism is connected with pro...

Article from a news paper Visti Balakliyshini from 26 February 2010, #16

20 декабря 2010

This article describes originality, effectiveness and accessibility of “Nanomix” microfertilizers. It also describes how this product performs complex synergistic action on plants.

Microfertilizer market review

20 декабря 2010

In modern world almost every summer resident, farmer, gardener-dilettante or head of the company, that controls 100 000 hectares of land, thinks about incorporating new progressive and economically profitable technologies of production. One of th...

What are nanotechnologies?

19 декабря 2010
Nanotechnology – is an adjoining field, which lies on the verge between applied and fundamental sciences and technologies. The main field for application of nanotechnologies is theoretically based practical research in the field of synthesis, anal...

What is cavitation?

19 декабря 2010
Cavitation - is the process of disruption in the continuous flow of liquid, it is related to the area of natural sciences (more precisely – physics). The flow of liquid is disrupted due to the creation of empty cavities full of gas and vapor, as a...