Welcome to official site of Nanomix

Company “Nanomix” – is an interregional agricultural union specialized in research-and-production, its main goal is wide introduction, expansion and application of modern technologies in various branches of agriculture. Company “Nanomix” actively cooperates with leading scientific agricultural centers of Ukraine. Scientific potential of “Nanomix” is presented by specialists, who have a wide experience in both theoretical and practical work in the fields of plant cultivation and in the fields of nanotechnology and cavitation. Developments of our specialists are patented and are actively implemented all around the world.
“Nanomix” uses a very rich database of production, this allows actively introducing nanotechnologies and using them in production of microfertilizers, nanosensuous markers, and additives to the fuel.
“Nanomix” union is the chief developer and manufacturer of microfertilizers, in turn, active use and implementation of microfertilizers allows to significantly increase the effectiveness of raising main kinds of basic crops.

Why nanomix?
  • It has a number of significant advantages
  • Increases crop capacity and significantly improves quality of products
  • It increases immunity and resistibility of plants toward various deceases
  • Increases plants survivability and adaptation to unfavorable conditions
  • It increases immunity and resistibility of plants toward various deceases.
  • Saves and increases the level of soil’s prolificacy
  • We have a flexible pricing policy
  • “NanomixElite” — is a new product that is enriched with various active ingredients.
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