Nanomix-grain crops


Addition of fertilizer to wheat gives a very good positive effect, so we can expect a large harvest, because without fertilizers wheat has a very hard time absorbing nutrients from the soil, and doesn’t survive well in the fluctuations in temperature and humidity. We offer you a liquid microfertilizer for the wheat, which has a water soluble complex of organic chelated microelements of Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Co, В, Мо, (Mg, Ca, S) with addition of organic “energy” acids (succinic, malic, tartaric and citric acid) and their biologically active derivatives (succinates, malates, tartrates, citrates).

Leaf fertilization

List ingredients 75.24 uah.

Leaf fertilization elit

List ingredients 85.98 uah.

Leaf fertilization superelit

List ingredients 98.52 uah.

Seed treatment

List ingredients 73.32 uah.

Seed treatment elit

List ingredients 83.82 uah.

Seed treatment superelit

List ingredients 96.00 uah.